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Red Panda

Our Red Panda Brand features classic styling with a superior soft touch. The fabric is engineered to provide long-lasting durability, while maintaining an exceptionally soft, amazingly light feel. Each style is tailored to create a look that is both polished and professional.

[RED PANDA] 1706

Unisex V-Neck Top

[RED PANDA] 1716

V-Neck Two Pocket Top

[RED PANDA] 1726

Curved Mock Wrap Top

[RED PANDA] 5206

Men’s 3-Pocket V-Neck Top

[RED PANDA] 8206

Men’s Full Elastic 10-Pocket Cargo Pant

[RED PANDA] 8706

Warm-Up Jacket

[RED PANDA] 8716

Unisex Snap Jacket

[RED PANDA] 9706

Unisex Basic Pant

[RED PANDA] 9716

Half Elastic Pant

[RED PANDA] 9726

Full Elastic Cargo Pant